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By Dan Zimmerman


If you’re someone who’s prone to fist pumps, high fives, or emitting audible WOOTs when the enemies of western civilization take a hit, make sure you’re in an appropriate location before reading on. A British SAS sniper recently got off a clean shot at an ISIS commander. One who was know to train recruits in the finer points of execution by decapitation. Taking dead aim with his suppressed IWI DAN .338 Lapua bolt action rifle, he squeezed off a round which, insha’allah, found its mark . . .


As the UK’s Express relates,

The crack soldier fired a bullet designed to inflict massive damage from three quarters of a mile away and scored a direct hit on the extremist.

His rifle was so high-powered that the bullet decapitated the bearded warrior, who stood well over six feet tall.

Poetic justice, anyone? The statuesque jihadi apparently used Osama Bin Laden’s tailor, making the sniper’s job of ID’ing his target a snap.

Sources say the sniper’s target was an easy mark because he wears white robes instead of the traditional ISIS black.

One military insider said: “One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded.

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Source:: Truth About Guns

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