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By Sara Tipton


Earlier this year, I had an extended family dinner in my native land of Colorado. For reasons best left to bureaucrats, the Rocky Mountain State doesn’t recognize my California CCW permit, but I didn’t feel anxious. The odds of an armed assault on a downmarket Mexican restaurant are lower than the chances of intestinal attack. Besides, my brother is a Colorado resident with a concealed carry permit. As the conversation progressed and my burrito started to vanish, the group discussion led to guns. Several family members explained why we need to ban concealed carry for “safety.” It became gradually harder to stay silent . . .

I didn’t have to. My mother took that opportunity to out myself, my father and my brother as all having permits to carry concealed weapons. It was then known that there was a loaded gun – duh duh DUH! – at that dinner table. As the sopapillas arrived, Mom also revealed that I was carrying a gun at an anti-gun cousin’s wedding on Catalina Island (which is in California). I was asked not to bring it, but I did anyway because I guess I don’t listen and…well…it’s my gun. It goes everywhere with me.

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