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By Sara Tipton

My son's toy gun

My little boy turned three last weekend among a gathering of his friends, balloons, a cake with construction equipment on it and road cone candles. He chose the decor. He only turns three once, right? As part of the occasion, a good friend of mine bought him a toy gun. This thing is incredible, complete with a silencer (screwed onto the barrel, it makes a quieter, more high pitched sound than the fake “bang” sound when the silencer is removed). The slide moves when you pull the trigger. It has an optic. The fake flashlight on the bottom tac rail obviously doesn’t work, but the gun is “fully loaded” (no pun intended). It looks fake, so no one should be freaking out. Unfortunately . . .

I’ve already been told what a failure I am as a mother for allowing him to play with his fake plastic green and orange gun, and for having friends that got him the gun in the first place. Roll on Wyoming!

We went through the safety rules rather thoroughly. My boy knows not to point his “weapon” at people or the cats or dogs. He doesn’t have …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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