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By Sara Tipton

Sara Tipton (courtesy Sara Tipton for The Truth About Guns)

I am officially a Wyomingite. It’s a huge change from being a Californian. I moved from the most conservative part of California to the most liberal part of Wyoming, and it’s still more conservative than what I dealt with in the socialist Golden State. The most important thing that I have realized since my move, is that freedom means not having to ask the state for permission . . .

It really is as simple as getting a Wyoming driver’s license. My California license came with more restrictions than anything, not to mention they had my eye color wrong on there. But nonetheless, the feeling of holding that Wyoming license in my hands for the first time felt like freedom.

This might be hard to explain to a person who has not experienced this, but there was a rush.

There was a knowing that I could literally drive to a pawn shop or gun store or call the guy with the ad in the local paper selling a gun and buy one. Buy it. Like, buy the gun, without paying the around $80 in taxes, fees, and registering it and waiting ten days to have an item I literally already …Read the Rest

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