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By Jacki Billings

The SAR 9, chmabred in 9mm, boasts a polymer semi-auto design. (Photo: SAR USA)
SAR USA dropped an all-new polymer, striker-fired pistol, the SAR 9, designed for duty, competition and carry.
The SAR 9 boasts a lightweight design, weighing 27.1 ounces, that the company says is accurate and “unwavering in reliability.” The pistol measures 7.5-inches in total length and touts a low-profile construction that channels recoil straight back into the shooters’ hands for better recoil management leading to quicker follow-up shots.
“The polymer-framed, striker-fired semi-auto is made to NATO specs in the 137-year-old firearm firm’s cutting-edge facility,” the company said in a press release.
The new semi-automatic handgun ditches the two-stage trigger feel in favor of a patented, double-action style trigger that is lighter than traditional double action triggers. Additionally, the polymer pistol  is outfitted with metal sights and ships with two 17-round magazines. The company says the SAR 9 fills the need for a top-end 9mm for serious handgunners without a breaking the bank.
The 9mm chambered SAR 9 is imported through SAR USA and features a retail price of $449.
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