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By Jenn Jacques


A video released by the group Sandy Hook Promise is their latest call to address what they feel is the underlying issue driving gun violence: guns… or bullying.

“The ‘Know the Signs’ campaign has been our mission at Sandy Hook Promise for a number of years now. We believe that gun violence is preventable when you know the signs, when you know what to look for,” Nicole Hockley, the co-founder of Sandy Hook Promise, a national gun violence prevention organization, told ABC News.

The video shows ‘Evan’, a high school student counting down the days until summer vacation, having a conversation with an unknown fellow student who says he’s ‘bored’ at the end of the school year. Before having the chance to connect with the student, Evan is on hand when he enters the school with a long rifle.

“I just want people to watch this video, it is a compelling video I want them to know that there are actions that they can take in their own community, in their own family, to make a difference. All the training we provide is completely free. We just want to save lives.” Hockley added.

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