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By Tom Knighton

No one will ever confuse San Francisco with a pro-gun locale. If anyone ever does, it’s more likely indicative of the fact that the person in question is so rabidly anti-gun that they see anywhere that doesn’t openly and loudly embrace total victim disarmament as “pro-gun.”

As if to make sure no one gets confused on that fact, though, the mayor of San Francisco is ready to embrace new gun control for his city.

Mayor Sam Liccardo presented a plan Tuesday to modify a San Jose gun control ordinance that has not been updated in almost 40 years.

He was joined by mothers advocating for gun control, high school students in the March for Our Lives movement, Police Chief Eddie Garcia and others at the Police Department’s headquarters Tuesday afternoon, where he described a strategy to obstruct illegal guns and “straw purchases” at gun shops.

Many illegal weapons on the street initially pass through the retail process where an individual without a criminal record may purchase a gun for a minor, a felon or someone who is otherwise legally barred, Liccardo said.

While there has been a dramatic increase in black market gun sales, there was also a 156 percent increase in …Read the Rest

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