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By Tom Knighton

A buyback program in San Francisco is going a little off the beaten path.

You see, most buyback programs want to make sure you can’t use what they’re giving you to buy more guns, so they tend to give you gift cards. The wisdom of this is debatable, but I see where their thinking is. They usually use gift cards from places within the community and are often for places like grocery stores or big box retailers. Apparently, they think everyone who attends a buyback needs the money to eat or something.

The San Francisco program goes in a very different direction. They’re offering cold, hard cash.

Many tragic stories we hear today involve guns — the UPS shooting in June, multiple domestic violence cases, and the death of Kathryn Steinle, to name a few.

To reduce the chance of more horrors, United Playaz — in partnership with the city and San Francisco Police Department — is hosting a gun buyback on Saturday. Past United Playaz events have taken hundreds of guns, rifles, and assault weapons of the streets, says United Playaz founder Rudy Corpuz.

Guns with serial numbers registered as missing or tied to crimes …Read the Rest

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