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By Dan Zimmerman


After the $hit$torm of criticism that befell CNBC following their tendentious, poorly researched handling of this week’s GOP debate, you might think that other mainstream media outlets would be watching their journalistic P’s and Q’s a little more closely. At least for a while. Maybe they’d do their homework just a smidge more diligently. You’d probably expect, for instance, that one of Texas’s major newspapers would take the time to — we’re just blue skying here — read and understand a new law that affects the safety of tens of thousands of the state’s students before pontificating on the shortcoming of its provisions. You’d be wrong about that. As Madison Welch of Students for Concealed Carry notes . . .

Here is evidence that the editorial board of the San Antonio Express-News hasn’t actually read Texas’s new campus carry law, which they rail against in an editorial published Saturday, October 31 . . .

  1. With regard to restricting concealed carry in certain locations, the Express-Newseditorial board writes, “This is understandable. As are restrictions on guns where controversial people are invited to speak and …Read the Rest

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