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By Bob Irwin

Placer County Sheriff's Office Brandon Smith, 25, and Elizabeth Almand, 23

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Placer County Sheriff’s Office Brandon Smith, 25, and Elizabeth Almand, 23

USA –-( KCRA TV-3 (NBC) reports 01-02-19 in Loomis, California, an incident began around 8:25 in the evening. A male and female pair of shoplifters were spotted stealing from a Raley’s store by a security officer.

“When they left, the officer confronted them in the parking lot. There was an altercation where the 25 year old male suspect pulled a knife out,” Lt. Andrew Scott of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said.

That suspect then tried to stab the (apparently unarmed) security officer. The officer was able to wrestle the suspect to the ground forcing the weapon out of his hand.

The knife fell to the ground, feet away from the men. The male suspect told his 23-year-old female accomplice to stab the officer. She picked up the knife and began moving toward the officer

At that moment an armed citizen (a CCW holder) who happened to be nearby, pulled out his gun and ordered the female …Read the Rest

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