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By Justin Stakes

ATLAS-8 Dry Fire Training Tool
ATLAS-8 Dry Fire Training Tool
Salted Earth, LLC
Salted Earth, LLC

Chandler, AZ -( Salted Earth is pleased to announce the launch of our first product in the ATLAS lineup of dry-fire training tools.

The ATLAS product lineup was designed with one overarching goal: To give Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilians the ability to turn any environment into a dry-fire shoot house. The ATLAS-8 was designed with a focus on improving target acquisition, tactical prowess, situation awareness. and readiness.

By providing reliable tools for law enforcement, military, and civilian applications, Salted Earth is offering adaptive training for those who must be effective in any environment in order to defend themselves, and those who depend on them.

Train Anywhere, Anytime.

The Salted Earth ATLAS-8 is a fully programmable adaptive laser training target where users have full control over the full color display and detection regions. The ATLAS-8 can detect red, green, blue, and infrared laser emitters while differentiating between lasers and flashlights to enable true low/no light training scenarios. Designed to be extremely rugged, these targets can follow you into the field to take your dry-fire training outdoors. The on-board rechargeable battery provides for up to 8 hours of training and …read more

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