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By Robert Farago

Gun nuts don’t care that you’re afraid: How Second Amendment fetishists created a terrorized society the headline at proclaims in their usual spiteful style. Writer Gary Legum [above] has penned an article – inspired by the Colorado Springs spree killing – that continues the nasty tone. And how. He begins his diatribe by playing the race card . . .

The guy carrying the rifle, later identified as 33-year-old Noah Harpham, was white. Would the cops have responded right away if he was black? If you think the answer is, “Of course not, they would have respected his Second Amendment right as an American and a citizen of Colorado to walk around a quiet suburban neighborhood on a Sunday morning waving an AR-15 around like Russian paratroops are dropping from the sky,” then I want to know when your visa is expiring and you will be returning to your home country.

For any gun fetishists reading this and pressing the Caps Lock key in anticipation of typing ALL LIVES MATTER in the comments, here’s an example of how cops in America treated a black guy wandering around an Ohio Wal-Mart last year while carrying a BB gun he’d …Read the Rest

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