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Right now KYGUNCO, a Kentucky firearms and gun gear store, is running a large Tax Time Sale. As part of that sale there are significant discounts on pistols, rifles, and shotguns. CLICK HERE for all sale items.

Among the many special discounts, a SAKO Rifle sale stood out because of the large $494 discount*, and the fact that with each SAKO S20 rifle the buyer gets TWO complete stock sets. You essentially get two rifles in one — simply by changing the two-section stock configuration. You can run a thumbhole “hunter” version with narrow fore-end, and then change to a “precision version” with a more vertical grip, straight run on the buttstock keel, and straighter, more rectangular fore-end. Watch this video to see how the two stock types work with the interchangeable front and rear stock components:
This SAKO Video Shows How S20 Modular Stock Components Work (Worth Watching Guys!)

SAKO S20 Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor with multiple stocks

SAKO S20 Hunter 6.5 PRC with multiple stocks

SAKO S20 Hunter .30-06 Springfield with multiple stocks

SAKO S20 Hunter .300 Win Mag with multiple stocks
About the SAKO S20 Modular Rifle
The SAKO S20 is a modular rifle designed to allow the shooter to change the stock configuration easily for

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