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By Ammoland

Robber Man Wrench Shaddow Burgler

By John Farnam

“Safety” is a Delusory Term of a Non-Existent Phenomenon
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “At least once, everyone should have to run for his life, so he will know and understand that eggs don’t come from stores, that safety does not come from police, and that ‘news’ is not something that happens to other people. ” ~ Robert Heinlein

A “success story,” from a student on the East coast. She lives alone in a “gated” community:

“Sometimes, instructors like you may never how critically you’ve changed a student, right from the beginning. The following narrative may help you to know how profoundly you’ve changed me!

As you know, I live in an ostensibly secure, ‘gated’ community. There is a guard at the entry all the time, along with walls, fences, gates, alarms, security patrols, etc. ‘This is the safest community in the whole state,’ we are constantly told, mostly to justify outrageous fees we pay to live here!

Our community’s accepted protocol is that you never just ‘drop in,’ on a resident, unannounced. You’re expected to call ahead in order to arrange any visit. Accordingly, the only people I …Read the Rest

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