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By Ray

safeguard body armor

SafeGuard recently released their new Hybrid Carrier, an innovative new concealable body armor that’s lightweight and cooler. They use 3D Spacer mesh to allow body heat to escape more effectively keeping the user cooler in warmer weather. The MSRP starts out at $401 for the Level II Vest and $506 for the Level IIIA Vest. Check out for info.

We actually reviewed the SafeGuard Stealth Armor a while back and were very impressed with it.

More than three years in research and development, the Hybrid® Carrier is a product of SafeGuard Armor’s program for radical innovation.

Distinguished for its development of progressive technology, Safeguard Armor is committed to continuing to move the frontier of body armor for the protection of military operatives, law enforcement and security agents, civilians, and media personnel. The result, is an industry-defining combination of strength, light-weight and flexibility. Sheets of Kevlar® ballistic material are light and flexible, providing ultimate comfort for the end-user. This breakthrough was made possible by major innovations in two main areas: design and fit.

The new cutting-edge materials and technology of Safeguard’s Hybrid™ Carrier vest put it at the forefront of concealable body armor. New 3D Spacer mesh allows …Read the Rest

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