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By Justin Stakes

Hard Body Armor Level IV Body Armor

Overview from the Body Armor experts at Safeguard Armour.

SafeGuard Hard Body Armor
Safeguard Armour
Safeguard Armour

Rogersville, MO -( Body armor is a useful piece of equipment for anybody who needs protection against weapons.

Body armor refers to a number of products, the most common of which is a bullet proof vest. However, even these are available in a variety of protection levels, with the highest levels capable of stopping the most powerful ammunition.

There are times when you need the ultimate protection, and in these situations only the highest level of bullet proof vest will do.

The levels of protection bullet proof vests are available in comes from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which is the world leader in testing and standardizing body armor. The NIJ Levels it outlines explain exactly what a vest can protect against, with Level IV being the highest. Level IV body armor can protect against high-powered ammunition commonly used in rifles and automatics. For example, the 7.62x51mm NATO, even in armor-piercing (AP) variant, can be stopped by a Level IV bullet proof vest.

These are powerful rounds used in automatics like the FN SCAR-H, and can only be protected …Read the Rest

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