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By Rob Morse

Handgun Self Defense Home Invasion
How Long Should We Wait in an Emergency?

U.S.A. -( This was supposed to be “common sense gun-safety legislation”, but what gun control groups asked for this time isn’t common sense at all. I was confused at first when I studied firearms safety and safe firearms storage. It isn’t easy to tell the good ideas from the bad ones because we don’t face emergencies every day. Even emergency responders have a hard time collecting all the facts. What sounds like “common sense” might be a very bad idea. For example, the so called mandatory “safe storage” recommendations for firearms could cost lives. Let’s look at all the facts.

On one one side we have emergency room doctors who are sick and tired of treating gunshot wounds on their innocent patients. Worse still is seeing children who found a firearm hidden in a drawer or stuffed between couch cushions. Storing your guns that way is irresponsible. There were a total of 495 accidental deaths in 2016 due to firearms. According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 64 of those avoidable deaths were to children under the age of 13. One child is too …Read the Rest

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