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By Laura Burgess

Vara Safety's Reach biometric firearms safe securely attached to a nightstand.
Vara Safety’s Reach biometric firearms safe securely attached to a nightstand.

Latham, N.Y. ( – Vara Safety, a company dedicated to designing and combining biometric technology with firearms safety, announce Reach, an innovative biometric firearm safe. Unlike any other product on the market today, Reach is the one solution for responsible firearms owners wanting to secure their home defense firearms from unauthorized users, yet keep a fully loaded firearm immediately accessible.

Trigger locks, safes and a myriad of other firearms safety solutions keep firearms away from curious children and family and friends that should not have access, as well as intruders. The problem that Vara Safety founder, Timmy Oh, kept running into was, when and if a home invasion occurred, stress and darkness made access to the firearm all but impossible. But the idea of keeping a loaded weapon accessible was also not possible because the results could be just as dire. Absolute security was essential, as was the ability to quickly access the handgun without negotiating locks, loading magazines, or finding keys. What Oh found out was people were interested in something that was simple, quick and very secure.

Hence, Reach was born.

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