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By Andrew Shepperson

Luis Cortez-Garcia and brother Emiliano Cortez Garcia were both sentenced to prison for illegally manufacturing and selling assault rifles. (Photo: FOX KTVU)
A man from Sacramento, California, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison Friday for illegally manufacturing and selling AR-15 assault rifles.
According to a Justice Department news release, 44-year-old Luis Cortez-Garcia ran a firearms parts business called LCG AR-15 Parts and Custom Accessories in Sacramento, where Cortez-Garcia sold AR-15 style rifles that had been manufactured in a metal shop at his business. However, Cortez-Garcia did not have a license to manufacture or sell firearms and was prohibited from possessing guns, as an undocumented resident and prior felon.
Cortez’s brother, Emiliano Cortez-Garcia, also helped to run the business and was sentenced in December 2016 to six years in prison for the unlawful manufacturing and selling of firearms, possession of a machine gun and possession of an unregistered firearm.
Undercover agents and at least one convicted felon purchased made-to-order assault rifles from the brothers. The guns did not have any serial numbers or other identifiable manufacturer markings, which would make them untraceable if they were used in any crimes.
The authorities conducted a search on the business in October 2013 and seized 312 firearms and parts, including


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