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By George

USNI- A Russian warship, the 4,000-ton Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudry (FF-727), approached within 315 yards of the U.S. Navy warship in the eastern Mediterranean Sea earlier this month in what U.S. officials say was a series of “unsafe maneuvers”. The USS Gravely was in the Mediterranean on a routine patrol June 17 to provide protection for the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman as part of Operation Inherent Resolve to counter ISIS. It was approached by the Project 1154 Russian Neustrashimyy-class frigate, according to U.S. officials.The Russian vessel made repeated passes behind the Gravely within its wake. At one point, the Russian ship pointed toward the Truman, the officials said. “Gravely was operating astern of Harry S. Truman, and assessed that 777 was intentionally trying to interfere with Harry S. Truman operations,” the official said, referring to the Russian frigate’s side number. The Gravely eventually accelerated speed and moved ahead, with the Russian ship still following it before breaking off.

For the first time in some years, two US Navy carrier strike groups were active at the same time in the Mediterranean Sea. On June 2, the carrier Harry S. Truman — whose escorts included the Graveley — passed northbound through the …Read the Rest

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