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Russia has unveiled a new exoskeleton that allegedly helps soldiers put accurate shots on target with a machine gun using only one hand.


FIRST LOOK: Kalashnikov Concern Unveils Brand New AK-308 Rifle

Next-Gen Russia Robocop Suit

Developed by TsNiiTochMash, which operates under the umbrella of state-owned defense company Rostec, the so-called “Russia robocop suit” enables soldiers to carry more gear and weapons while moving at a faster pace. This theoretically makes it easier to accomplish mission objectives.

According to Russian news agency TASS, the added weight is also spread across the “structural elements” of the titanium suit. This includes a “shoulder hanger” for a backpack that can carry up to 50 kg, or 110 pounds, through a “waist fixture” and other exoskeleton elements on the legs, to “support pads” in the footwear worn by the soldier.

In addition, the included helmet also has an aiming system that lets the user calculate the distance to the target while showing elements like wind speed and air temperature, The Telegraph reports.


A “passive” version of the suit is already in use in military operations in Syria. It’s also being used by specialized units …Read the Rest

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