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By Tyler Kee


At this year’s SHOT show, I was tasked with covering the various silencer manufacturers in attendance. I figured this would be a day long task, but it ended up taking the better part of three days to visit all the manufacturers I found, and I still missed some. It seemed like the majority of the companies I visited have started to get aggressive with their pistol cans, as most manufacturers are now offering something for your favorite 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP host. Rugged Suppressors was no different and had their brand new Obsidian 45 on display. . .


Like the Surge 7.62, the Obsidian is a modular silencer that offers the ability to run a short or long configuration dependent on your needs. The long configuration is 8.6 inches long, 12.8 oz in weight, and will hush a .45 ACP down to <130 dB according to Rugged. Running 147 gr. 9 mm through the same can is purported to meter around 123 dB. The short configuration cuts nearly two inches …Read the Rest

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