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By Christen Smith

Ruger leads the industry in total firearms manufactured in 2015, producing three times as many rifles as second-place competitor Smith & Wesson. (Photo: Ruger/Facebook)
Sturm, Ruger and Company manufactured more firearms in 2015 than any other high-profile gun maker, thanks in large part to its focus on long guns.
Federal data shows the gun maker produced 1.6 million firearms that year, including 662,444 rifles and and 827 shotguns, to be exact. The figures triple and quadruple competitor Smith & Wesson’s output in the same categories, respectively.
Financial writer and stock analyst Rich Duprey said while Smith & Wesson holds onto its title as top handgun manufacturer in the world, the company trails Ruger’s total output by more than 200,000. And while Remington Arms produces long guns almost exclusively, its total annual output falls more than 500,000 short of Ruger, too.
Gun makers and retailers forecasted a different sales environment before the 2016 election — producing and stocking firearms and ammunition in preparation for a Hillary Clinton presidency and four more years of impending gun regulations looming over the industry. Last year, the company raked in just under $265 million in long gun sales alone, it’s largest category by more than $15 million.
When Republicans secured Congress


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