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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Ruger Muzzle-Brake Fixed Blade Knife by Columbia River Knife & Tool

by Jim and Mary Clary
Another knife review from the Clays. Which one of them will win out, keeping the Ruger Muzzle-Brake Fixed Blade Knife in their collection?

Ruger Muzzle-Brake Fixed Blade Knife by Columbia River Knife & Tool

Ammoland Shooting SportsUSA -( There are a lot of “chopper-camp” knives on the market. They all have one thing in common, they are big. Most of these blades rely on their size and shape to appeal to the buyer. As such, the majority use pretty cheap steel in their construction. This is also a common problem with the majority of the machetes on the market.

When Ruger decided to add hunting knives to their brand, they did not make the same mistake that other firearms companies made: Mass produced throw-away knives with cheap steel. Ruger insisted on decent steel in their knives and utilized a well-known manufacturer (CRKT) for their production.

The result…. good knives at an affordable price. In fact, CRKT went one step further. They enlisted the design skills of several well known bladesmiths including: Ken Steigerwalt, Bill Harsey, Robert Carter, Matthew Lerch, Ken Onion and Ryan Johnson.

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