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By Tom Knighton

With Democrats controlling the House, some speculated–including me–that this may well translate to increased gun sales. After all, if there’s a threat to gun ownership, gun sales go through the roof and with Democrats in power, there’s definitely a threat to gun sales.

However, Ruger’s CEO says that hasn’t happened so far.

The top executive of one of the nation’s largest gun manufacturers on Thursday said an expected sales bump. from the 2018 elections. did not happen, but predicted that interest could rise amid an expected new push in Congress for tighter regulations. on the firearm industry.

“We thought there might be an uptick in demand following the midterm elections. That largely did not occur,” Sturm, Ruger & Co. CEO Christopher Killoy told investors. “We see a lot of things on the political front that may drive demand in the near future.”

With Democrats now in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, the party is expected to try to advance long-sought gun control measures that Republicans previously blocked.

There are multiple reasons for that.

For one, gun people aren’t stupid. They know the likelihood of any measure passed by the House getting through …Read the Rest

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