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By Gregory Smith

Bourbon City Firearms is selling a Ruger AR-556 for $589.99!

Look at these reviews:

When Ruger decided to get into the AR market with their SR-556 they used a two-stage piston design. The SR-556 is reliable and accurate but it’s also expensive. The new AR-556 is a direct gas impingement AR. A gas gun is lighter and less costly to produce than a piston gun and when done correctly is every bit as reliable. The AR-556 is made in Ruger’s new factory in Mayodan, North Carolina, is 100% American made and produced almost entirely from parts made by Ruger. These parts include the upper and lower receivers and the 1:8 twist barrel with a chamber optimized to run both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington ammunition. Ruger chose not to chrome line the barrel (something only military full-auto weapons in sustained firing benefit from) but chrome plated the bearing surface of the gas key and the inside of the bolt carrier where the bolt resides.

All of the AR-556’s controls are of the typical AR configuration and can be found in their usual locations, including the charging handle, safety selector, magazine release and trigger. Although …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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