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By Ammoland

Rossi R35202 Revolver

By Mike Searson

Rossi R35202 Revolver
Mike Searson
Mike Searson

USA – -( When it comes to a home defense or concealed carry piece, conventional wisdom follows that you want to spend as much as you can for the best tool to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones.

That said, a good defensive arm, does not need to cost an arm and a leg.

We recently received a Rossi Model R35202 for review (that model name doesn’t exactly grab you, we know). Being a long time collector of Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers we were about to dismiss it as a novelty revolver from South America for people who wouldn’t spring an extra $50 for a “Smith“.

Until we price-checked J-Frames and saw them at double to triple the street price of the Rossi (Between $279 and $329 for the Rossi with used Smith’s hitting the gun counter at just under $500 and new ones going for over $750).

Taurus manufactures the R35202 under contract with Rossi in a facility owned by Taurus in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil. This is done on the tooling and machinery that Rossi has …Read the Rest

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