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By Dean Weingarten

Justice Law LegaArguments Concluded in Two FPC and FPF-Supported Second Amendment Casesl Lawsuit Judges Jury Court
Rodriquez v. City of San Jose up for Supreme Court Conference on 24 April, 2020

U.S.A.-( In January, 2013, after a 911 call, a police officer of the City of San Jose seized 12 firearms from the home of Edward and Lori Rodriquez in the City of San Jose, California. No warrant was applied for. The officer claimed knowledge that there were firearms in the house. The firearms were removed under protest, even though one of the firearms completely belonged to and was registered to Lori Rodriquez, who remained in the home.

Edward was involuntarily admitted as a danger to himself and others, and lost his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, for a minimum of five years under California law.

None of the 12 firearms were illegal to own under California law. The City of San Jose asked for a forfeiture order for the firearms from the local court, which was granted.

Lori went through the legal hoops necessary to have the firearms returned to her legal possession.

The city refused to return those firearms. The California Superior Court and Court of Appeals agreed with the city. The argument appears to be the City …Read the Rest

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