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By John Crump

Rocktown Tactical Custom Cerakoting - Burnt Bronze
Rocktown Tactical Custom Cerakoting – Burnt Bronze

U.S.A.-( My go-to shop for custom Cerakoting is Critical Koating which is part of the Sterling Arsenal brand in Sterling, VA. They do an amazing job at firearm customization. I had them redo an old Italian police trade in 92s Beretta, and it turned out perfect compared to what it looked like before being transformed by Critical Koating. I will be writing about this gun and the guys at Critical Koating in the near future.

I just recently completed a new AR15 build using an Anderson lower receiver, CMG two stage flat trigger, American Built Arms bolt carrier group, Mission First Tactical stock, and a CBC barreled upper receiver. After I built the gun, I decided I wanted to get my new rifle Cerakoted. I was going to take it to Critical Koating, but my friend has been telling me about a place called Rocktown Tactical in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He has been insisting I try them out, but I live in Northern Virginia which means the distance to Harrisonburg is usually too far for me to drive.

Rocktown Tactical did a Star Wars themed AR15 and pistol for him that turned out phenomenal. …Read the Rest

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