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By Brian (Rev) Norris

American Defense MRO Mount
American Defense MRO Mount

U.S.A.-( Sometime around 2008, I started hearing people recommend AR optic mounts from American Defense. It wasn’t until 2017 that I picked up some mounts of my own. We are a bit beyond the one year mark now, and I’m quite pleased to report my findings. I’ll front-load my conclusion for those with limited attention spans— they’re rock-solid—good-to-go—bomb-proof—pick a positive OoRah statement and insert at will.

Let’s talk about why I’m ready to sing American Defense’s praises.

First, let’s identify the examples I’ve been using. I have the:

Aimpoint T1 Micro 1 Piece Co-Witness Mount

Patented Technology

The patent is on their remarkable QD Auto Lock Lever System. In my opinion, here is the stand out attributes of this system:

  • The square steel cross bolts are created to work in both mil-spec and non-mil-spec rails. The positive locking tab will set position, preventing accidental displacement.
  • The Gen III lock lever angles outward and has vertical knurling for enhanced engagement.

These attributes and more translate into a lock mount that locks in place, hold on tight …Read the Rest

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