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By Xavier Roberts

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI — Carrying a firearm gives us a greater opportunity to defend ourselves from bad guys committing evil actions. Sometimes, however, assessing the situation and simply being a victim can also be a valid option to consider.

Officers found Earl Clark, 63, in a carport. He had been shot several times and died at the scene, police said. Avery Washington, 25, was found shot at a house next-door, police said. “The suspect did fire multiple shots at the victim, but it does appear that the victim was obviously able to fire off some shots as well at the suspect injuring him,” Sgt. Roderick Holmes said.


From the report, it appears that Clark was being robbed by Avery Washington, a man nearly 40 years his younger. During the armed robbery attempt Clark pulled his gun to defend himself and a shootout occurred between the two men. Both men managed to hit their targets during the fight.

Clark would die from his wounds on the scene, the cold floor
of a carport. Washington made it to a nearby house where he was found,
arrested, and admitted to the hospital to …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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