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By Tom Knighton

The Roanoke City Council doesn’t like the idea of their constituents being armed, at least not while they’re in close proximity to lawmakers. That much is clear.

Of course, it’s clear because they’re going to try yet again to push the legislature to allow them to ban guns from city council meetings.

The Roanoke City Council is likely to try again to convince the General Assembly to allow it to bar firearms from council meetings, and is also poised to endorse a plan to use an anticipated windfall in state tax revenue to fund school facilities repairs and renovations across the commonwealth.

The council discussed both those options Tuesday as it refined a draft of its proposed 2019 legislative agenda.

They included a measure seeking the General Assembly’s permission to ban guns altogether from city hall in the 2017 session, but that bill died a hard death in a Senate committee.

The new proposal is more narrowly tailored. It doesn’t seek a total ban on firearms in the municipal building but instead seeks to bar guns in places where a local governing body is meeting.

The ban would apply only during a council session, not all the time, and it would apply wherever …Read the Rest

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