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By Gregory Smith

If you’re poor and without a car, you take the bus, and chances are you can’t afford to concealed carry license so you open carry. Valley Metro doesn’t care, they want you unarmed and defenseless.

Valley Metro, the Roanoke-based bus service, took heat this week from a gun rights group for a partial ban on riding with firearms.

Friday, Valley Metro defined its gun policy as prohibiting openly carried guns, but said people with a concealed handgun permit could carry the firearm on board.

Wednesday, president Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League said he told Valley Metro it had “no authority” to restrict firearms on its buses. Valley Metro is an arm of the city.

“The only thing Roanoke can control is shooting and hunting. You can say no shooting on the bus but you can’t say no open carry,” Van Cleave said.

Valley Metro officials declined to discuss Van Cleave’s position, saying they first needed legal advice. They said all policies would remain unchanged for the time being. However, Valley Metro’s website — which on Friday listed “firearms” as a banned item on board buses — no longer listed guns as prohibited.

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Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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