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By David Codrea

Conspicuoulsy (and intentionally) missing is the road map.

USA – -( “The Road to Change kicks off on Friday, June 15 in Chicago, where we’ll be joining the Peace March, led by students from St. Sabina Academy,” the professionally produced and obviously well-financed March for Our Lives website announces. “From there we are traveling from city to city, with more than 50 planned stops in over 20 states including Iowa, Texas, California, South Carolina, and Connecticut. We’ll also hold a separate Florida tour with more than 25 stops, visiting every congressional district.”

That’s a curious starting point, considering fanatical anti-gun “priest” Michael Pfleger not only urged a mob to “snuff out” a legal firearms dealer “like a rat” a few years back, but is now distancing himself from a supporter arrested on illegal gun charges who has been identified as part of his “security” apparatus.

These people are tripping and falling on their faces right out of the starting gate.

There’s another curious thing about all the hoopla over the pending tour that’s starting to be noticed by a handful of Facebook followers.

“Is there a schedule?” one asks. …Read the Rest

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