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By Brandon Curtis

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

“Aubrey Bowlin, 24, never thought she’d find herself in a fight for her life — much less a fight that began with road rage — while commuting home from work on her motorcycle.” No one ever does. And that’s why over 17 million American are now licensed to carry.

During the Seattle woman’s commute, another car repeatedly tried to run her off the road. Then traffic came to a halt . . .

While stopped in the next slowdown, Bowlin could not believe what she saw in her mirror. (Sixty-year-old Bruce) Jones had stopped his car and was coming toward her. She put her kickstand down, preparing for a fight.

Bowlin knew already that a physical fight would be heavily weighed against her. Not only did Jones have several inches of height on her, but she was wearing a tracksuit that did not allow her to move very easily.

Jones first hit her with a chest bump, to which Bowlin retaliated with a head butt, sending him into the guard rail.

Jones grabbed her and tried to remove her helmet, most likely to inflict more damage.

In the fetal position against …Read the Rest

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