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By Ammoland

Malcolm X

by Dan Gifford

Malcolm X
Dan Gifford
Dan Gifford

USA – -( In 1963, I saw Malcolm X speak in Harlem. Any who recall those times can appreciate how scary a figure he was claimed to be by our government and the news media.

Much later, I played a prison guard in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X film.

Through those and other experiences, I can attest that the real message of Malcolm X has been grossly misrepresented by people who want to destroy the Second Amendment by keeping racial animosity alive.

Considering the racial strife Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton and George Soros, among others, keep fresh, I thought it may be instructive for all to revisit this article of mine that ran in a number of black audience publications during the early 90s.

The Heller Decision was roughly two decades away and though the Clintons were in the White House then, Obama has continued the same rights stripping politic of dependency which the distaff Clinton will recommence if she captures the presidency.

The Essential Malcolm X

Malcolm X has a message for the Clinton administration concerning two sacred Democratic Party …Read the Rest

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