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By Tom Knighton

Few things are more stupid than a “may issue” permit law. Permits for protests–the closest possible parallel to gun permits, but not really–are pretty much “shall issue” without a compelling reason not to. That’s kind of like how “shall issue” states handle concealed carry permits, after all. They place the burden on the facts to determine if you can or can’t get a carry permit. Convicted felon? Nope. Clean background check? Then yep. Nice and easy.

However, a report about a two year wait for a permit in Riverside, CA reveals just how broken “may issue” laws really are.

Waiting over two years for a concealed carry permit is insane. But that’s the wait time residents of Riverside County, California should expect when they submit their application, according to a recent article in Desert Sun (DS).

Why does it take so long? There are two answers. The real answer. And then the answer the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department gave the DS.

The real answer is the county’s May-Issue system. It’s garbage. To obtain a permit, one needs to schedule an in-person interview with the concealed carry unit (which consists of two deputies, two part-time employees, and an assistant). If he …Read the Rest

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