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By Jacki Billings

The RA-434 for Rise Armament aims to provide a premium trigger group at a mid-range price. (Photo: Rise Armament)
Rise Armament debuted the RA-434 High Performance Trigger Group designed to combine smoothness and speed to upgrade AR-15 platforms.
The RA-434 is a smooth breaking trigger that offers a crisp, clean release offering rifle shooters better accuracy with less effort. Boasting a quick reset and low overtravel for enhanced speed, the RA-434 HPT features a straight trigger blade available in black or silver. The straight trigger blade is built for enhanced control matched with a lighter-feeling pull weight.
The single-stage trigger boasts a 3.5 pound pull and a skeletonized hammer. Equipped with a drop safety feature, the RA-434 fits most .223/5.56 and .308 AR platforms.
Rise Armament says the RA-434 is the first of its kind, offering a premium trigger group at a mid-range price.
“Customers have been drawn to the extreme value of our triggers, so when designing the RA-434, we set out to continue to deliver quality and performance for a great price,” said Matt Torres, president of Rise Armament, in a statement. “We’ve had numerous requests for a straight trigger, so we’re excited to offer this option.”
The RA-434 is available now, carrying a


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