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Rinehart Targets Rinehart Doloma Doe Decoy
Rinehart Targets Rinehart Doloma Doe Decoy
Rinehart 3-D Targets
Rinehart Targets

Janesville, WI – -( With years of experience in crafting the most lifelike, durable and realistic archery targets in the industry, Rinehart Targets expands the scope of their brand with the introduction of the new Rinehart Doloma Doe decoy.

The new Doloma Doe, like all Rinehart Decoys, is hand-sculpted by world-class wildlife artists for unmatched realism.

Rinehart has built its reputation on using specialized, durable and life-like material—and the Doloma Doe is no exception. She features a patented design, ultra-quiet Rinehart foam for silent transport and an easy-carry folding configuration for nimble treks to and from any hunting location.

Aside from her stunningly realistic looks, the Doloma Doe’s strongest attribute is her natural head turning—and neck turning—abilities. The capability to naturally turn her head in the slightest breeze to simulate life-like movement will draw in the wariest of bucks. With the anchor rod strategically positioned behind the front legs, breeze-activated movement allows the entire body of the decoy to pivot in addition to the motion of the head and neck. The patented Doloma Doe comes with a full-carry bag that’s crafted with a “quiet-tech” fabric and features a …Read the Rest

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