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By David Codrea

Some of us would argue with that. Strenuously. Others would decry that as “NRA bashing.” And the gap is only getitng wider. (NRA Facebook photo)

U.S.A. – -( A recent series of AmmoLand articles reveals deep divisions between Second Amendment advocates and their perceptions of the National Rifle Association. Comments under the articles show emotional divisions among readers, with the vitriol on display one would generally expect to be reserved for gun-grabbers.

I’ve seen some readers complain, they’re tired of reading about this. Fine by me – there’s a whole Internet out there to occupy yourself with if you’d care to leave. If not, be advised – these are my opinions and if I wanted to be popular, I’d be writing about the Kardashians.

I’ve seen some who read an article on this site that defends the NRA and accuse AmmoLand of being their shills. I’ve seen others get angry at criticisms of the Association and accuse AmmoLand of being “NRA bashers.” I’ve seen comment posters dismissed as “Russian bots” and worse.

Anonymity sure emboldens, doesn’t it? Most of us are a lot more circumspect in the real world.

Longtime readers of my stuff know I’m in the camp that …Read the Rest

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