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By gunwriter “The most important characteristic of any rifle is its trigger action. It is better to have an inaccurate rifle with a good trigger than the other way around.” The Art of the Rifle Jeff Cooper In the early 1980s Melvin Forbes was at work on what would become the lightest sporting rifle ever built. He had designed the action. He had designed the scope mounts, which now made by Talley Manufacturing. And, working with the Allegheny Ballistics Laboratory, he had created an eight ounce rifle stock that was stiffer than the rifle barrels he was getting from Douglas Barrels. To be complete, this wondrous creation needed one more thing; a trigger. Like Cooper, Forbes new the importance of a good trigger but he also wanted a trigger with a integral safety lever that would lock the bolt handle down. To anyone who has hunted much at all with a bolt action rifle this is a feature very much appreciated and one that Remington foolishly discontinued on their Model 700 and Model Seven rifles. Forbes designed his safety and contacted Timney Triggers. He asked them to build him an impeccable – fully adjustable – trigger that he could install his safety …Read the Rest

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