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By gunwriter Rifle school. I’m not talking about a rifle school where you learn to shoot; I’m talking about a school where you learn how a rifle works. I’m not sure a school like this actually exists but because I have a friend who could be the lead professor of that school, I’m unofficially enrolled. You see, about once a month I come across something about a rifle I do not understand. This usually results in a call to telephone number (304) 292-0600. That’s the direct line to New Ultra Light Arms in Granville, WV and when you call that number Melvin Forbes answers. We talk about the kids, the weather, if the beans in the garden are ready to pull…and then we get to the rifle question. This happened today, like it usually happens about every 30 or so, and about halfway through an explanation of pure logic – logic so simple no one seems to ever think of it – I stopped Melvin and said, “Do you know the difference between you and everyone else making rifles?” I then answered the question for him, “You operate on the principle of how the rifle is made, everyone else operates on the …Read the Rest

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