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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

Rick Ector Keynotes The 2nd Annual Michigan Liberty Militia Rally in Hastings

On this past Saturday afternoon, September 8th 2017, Rick Ector served as the keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual Michigan Liberty Militia Rally in Hastings, Michigan.

The weather cooperated with no signs of rain and a healthy turn-out of rally participants arrived for a rousing rally. The high point of the gathering was a rousing speech delivered by Rick Ector.

Rick Ector’s speech was a recounting of the famous battle now known as the Battle of Athens (TN). If you recall your history, it was an event in which local townspeople banded together with arms to overthrow a corrupt sheriff who attempted to fix a local election to remain in power.

In the end, the veterans armed with guns “borrowed” from the local armory and a healthy supply of dynamite were able to win the battle. The ballots were properly counted and the local goons were voted out of office.

This story reminds patriots why the 2nd Amendment exists. It was a tool given by our country’s Founding Fathers to future generations as a last-gasp tool to overthrow a tyrannical government. Guns are not for hunting.

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Source:: Legally Armed in Detroit

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