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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

Rick Ector “In The Conference Room” Discussing Inappropriate Physical Contact

Earlier today, I was a guest on Mark S. Lee’s radio show (In The Locker Room) on the 910am Radio Station. The show was co-hosted by restaurant owner Jay Alexander.

The main topic that I was asked to stop by to discuss was the issue of inappropriate touching of women by men. This topic became national news one week ago during the televised funeral of Motown music legend Aretha Franklin.

During the funeral, entertainer Ariana Grande was interviewed by Master of Ceremonies Bishop Charles Ellis. Many onlookers to that exchange felt that Grande was being improperly touched by Ellis.

Since I run a training program every year for hundreds of women to learn how to shoot a firearm, I have some relevant experiences to share. In fact, I have a lot of experience in speaking to men about how to conduct themselves when interacting with women during a gun class. Check out my interview to hear how I address this subject with communication.

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