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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

US, The Country That Weapons Children

During the spring of 2015, I was contacted by a French film-maker. They informed me that they wanted to do a documentary about how US gun-owning parents were pro-actively educating their children about firearm safety.

Since I am a huge advocate of parents educating their children about firearms, I agreed to participate. Other subjects in this documentary include members of Michigan Open Carry – Nathan Nephew and Brian Jeffs – and Firearm Trainer Rob Pincus.

This documentary aired on television overseas on January 20th, 2016.

This video is dubbed in French, so I can’t exactly make out the mood and tone of the piece, however, my instincts suggest that it was a hit-piece. My first hint of trouble was that the film’s title translates into English as “US, The Nation That Weapons Children.”

I am currently looking for a translator to transcribe the audio. Once that is done, I will render my final assessment of this video.

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