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By James England

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND — Rhode Island legislators are patting themselves on the back after drawing yet one more fictitious line in the sand around the safety and security of children in Rhode Island schools. Of the 3,600 legally registered concealed carriers in the State of Rhode Island, a new bill would effectively stop any of them from legally coming to the aid of their own children in the event of a mass shooting or similarly related terrorist event.

According to the Providence Journal, Sen. Harold Metts, D-Providence, proposed a new bill which would only allow for “peace officers” to enter the premises of Rhode Island schools with a firearm.

Michael O’Neil, a lobbyist for the Rhode Island 2nd Amendment Coalition, drew attention to the fact that setting up “gun free zones” really only means restricting the movement of law-abiding citizens. Terrorists or those seeking to harm children would likely not be deterred by such signage.

“They are in the country, and they are coming this way,” O’Neil said. “We really have to protect our children, and a gun-free zone will not do it. It only stops the law-abiding citizen.”

Lurking in the background is the ever infamous Moms Demand Action, always looking …Read the Rest

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