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By Brian (Rev) Norris

The doctrine of human depravity teaches us a lot about expectation. I’m an unbelievable optimist at heart, and I believe in the human project— I’m rooting for us. However, dealing with the difficulties that life throws out can be quite helpful for learning to calibrate expectation.

You soldiers will get it. It should seem weird to get bent out of shape about someone getting your order wrong at Denny’s when folks were shooting at you last month. In the same way, getting an undesired gift is no-big-deal when I consider all the people dealing with divorce, death, abuse, etc.

I know, I know what you’re thinking— thanks for the upbeat holiday spirit there, Rev!

Seriously though, knowing my audience and some of the realities of humanity has motivated me to release my full buying guide late in the season.

Here’s why:

You may be here because you are an exceptional spouse who purchased an un-inspired gift some time ago, but your husband or wife has just moved from the naughty list to the nice list, and you want to revise your gift buying decision. Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed with grace and even though they deserve to …Read the Rest

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