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By Chase Welch

Mexican manufacturer Aguila has been producing high quality ammo for more than six decades, but they really made a splash in the U.S. market with 12 gauge Mini Shells. Measuring a mere 1.75 inches, the Mini Shells manage to punch well above their weight class. And Aquila offers them in three different loadings: Buckshot, Birdshot and 25 gram Slug.
One of the best features of these shells is how impressively soft recoiling they are. And when I say soft, think of a .223 round out of a compensated 16-inch barrel soft. That’s great for older shooters or those with a slightly smaller frame who would normally get beaten up when shooting a regular 12 gauge shell. And having less powder in the shell results in a much quieter report than the typical booming echo of heavier loads. Another great thing about these is that, due to their size, they can greatly increase the amount of shells you can keep loaded at a time.
Ballistic performance isn’t lacking either. The seven pellet 00 Buckshot rounds have a muzzle velocity of 1,200 Feet per Second, which is on par with more well-known shotshells like the Express Magnum Buckshot made by Remington. The 25 gram


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