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By Joseph von Benedikt

Springfield Armory has a new heavy hitter.

Springfield Armory has a new heavy hitter.

Labeled as Springfield Armory’s “most elite production 1911,” the Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) is a top-­shelf successor to John Browning’s design that features the latest refinements. Intriguingly, this model is now offered in 10mm Auto.

Produced in two iterations, these new TRPs are configured as either a standard full-­size gun with a 5-­inch barrel and fixed ledge-­type night sights, or as a longslide housing a 6-­inch barrel with a windage-­ and elevation-­adjustable rear target sight. The late Col. Jeff Cooper would surely consider the former to be a proper fighting gun. It is configured much like Springfield’s full-­custom Professional model with rail as once used by the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). Since the FBI played a pivotal part in the development of the 10mm cartridge, the marriage of the two seems particularly apt. The result is an outstanding pistol for those looking for such authority in a full-­size 1911 for self-­defense or duty carry.

On the other hand, the longslide version of the TRP in 10mm falls beyond the realm of an all-­around tool for defending the castle or protecting the Constitution. Sure, it will serve as such, but with its longer barrel, greater weight, …Read the Rest

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