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By Jeremy Stafford

Mossberg's 590M takes magazine-­fed shotguns to a higher level.

Mossberg’s 590M takes magazine-­fed shotguns to a higher level.

I have long been a fan of Mossberg shotguns. The affair started with one I carried during Operation Iraqi Freedom back in 2003. It saved my life many times.

Despite that hard-­earned loyalty, I was one of those who put the shotgun in a rack when I could pick up an AK. It wasn’t because I felt outgunned, as many critics suggest. Most of our engagements were well within the shotgun’s lethal range. Rather, my decision came down to reloading. Reloading the shotgun took more time than I was willing to spare.

I’m not telling you that a pump-­action shotgun is the best choice for combat. However, for thousands of police officers and armed citizens, the shotgun is the preferred choice. (In some areas, it may be the only choice.) If those folks are involved in a lethal encounter with said shotgun, the speed-­reload problem will be no different than it was in Iraq.

We all know changing a magazine is much faster than trying to download and upload different munitions, too. My select-slug transition. i.e., from buckshot to slug, is pretty fast with my duty shotgun, but I’d rather just lock a fresh magazine …Read the Rest

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